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Zig Rigs are a devastatingly effective means of presenting an anchored buoyant bait on a long hook link well off the lake bed.

Carp spend lots of the time swimming mid-water or near the surface, especially during spells of sunny warm weather. Conventional tactics will often prove ineffective, simply because the fish are not visiting the lake bed to feed as often as we would like. When this is the case and all else fails, a small buoyant bait presented at the correct depth in the water column will often induce a bite. It’s a clever tactic and not even the most difficult, but if you’ve never tried it before this handy kit is the ideal way to get started…

The Zig Rig Session Pack contains all the specific components you will require:

  • Zig Link 20m Spool (8Ib or 10Ib) – the specialist hooklink for stealthy zig rigs.
  • 2 x each Yellow, Red, White and Black super buoyant Zig Rig Foam – a range of colours to experiment with in different situations.
  • Size 12 Mugga hooks (Pack of 10) – we know of no better hook for this kind of setup.

To create an effective zig rig it couldn’t be simpler:

  • Tie a small loop on the end of the Zig Link hooklink (this will be the ‘hair’ for your bait attachment). Zig Rigs work better when the hook and bait are touching so make sure the hair is as short as possible.
  • Thread a small 1cm section of Zig Rig Foam onto the hair and use a small stop to keep it in place.
  • Cut the hooklink to the desired length, and tie on the Size 12 Mugga hook using a simple Knotless knot.
  • Tie onto the swivel using a Palomar knot.

Top Tip - If the fish are high in the water, adjust the length of the hooklink so that your hook bait is just a few inches under the surface. If you use a slightly different length zig rig on each rod, when you start getting bites at one depth change the other hooklinks to match so you are fishing as effectively as possible.

We strongly recommend using Zig Rigs with a Covert Safety Clip arrangement - this enables you to change leads quickly as it is good practice to use the lightest weight possible for the range you are fishing at to reduce the disturbance of the lead landing in the water and the impact of the lead bouncing around as the fish nears the net.

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