Nash Cling-On Putty

Introudcing cling on...;
Innovative and new;
Stickiest rig putty available;
Pin down hook links and leaders;
Three colours to match any lakebed;
Maximum adhesive rig putty;
Hugely popular seller!
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Nash Cling-On Putty, Model: Weed
Nash Cling-On Putty, Model: Gravel/Clay
Nash Cling-On Putty, Model: Silt
An essential addition to any thinking carper’s tackle box, Cling-On is a maximum adhesive putty that sticks to every type of link and stays put. Kiss goodbye to worries about whether you are fishing pop-ups a foot off the deck by accident, Cling-On does exactly what it says.
Its maximum density formula allows you to streamline rigs more effectively than ever whilst keeping links, hookbaits, leaders and tubing safely pinned down where it matters most. Available in three colour blends for total concealment.
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