Guru Square Leads

Anti-roll shape ensures rig sinking accuracy;
3 per packet;
Available in sizes: 1/3oz. - 2/3oz. - 1oz

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Guru Square Leads, Weight: 1/3oz
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Guru Square Leads, Weight: 2/3oz
Guru Square Leads, Weight: 1oz
Guru terminal systems have been developed for speedy, accurate angling in a new, high-tech era. From the unique square leads to lead clips, each product has been designed from scratch, to maximize fishing efficiency. This is key to the success of the Guru range. Rather than be influenced by kit that was available, the development team started with a blank canvas and conceived solutions to many common tackle problems along the way. The leads are great example of form being perfect for function. Rather than simply producing a standard bomb, which have remained largely unchanged since they were invented, Alex Bones decided to look at exactly what the modern angler needed from a lead. The Square leads and new Pear Leads are the result and are, we think, the very best available.

They marry perfectly with the tiny lead clips that allow the angler to change leads seamlessly, while remaining a super-safe system for the fish, should they end up towing a lead. The lines of the CAD-designed leads clip have been smoothed so that they actively resist tangles on the cast. Alex Bones combines the lead clips with a Snap Link Swivel to allow him to quickly change hook links. He always carries a range of hook links tied up and ready to go on his side tray for maximum time saving when in the throes of putting together a really big weight!
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