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The perfect rod for the modern river specialist offering a 1.75lb solid tip ideal for all barbel fi shing techniques from touch legering to heavy feeder work and bolt rigging. The quiver section accepts two push in tips rated at 4 and 6oz for upstream barbel work or extra sensitivity when chub fi shing. 

With a 3K/2K carbon wrap giving real power through the middle to tame big fi sh quickly but with enough sensitivity in the tip to pick up bites when touch legering and to cushion hook holds the Duo-Lite FX Multi Tip is a classic river allrounder. 

The Duo-Lite FX Twin Tip is available in 11 and 12ft versions with 1.75lb and 2.25lb test solid tops to cope with all but the most extreme river conditions. 

The 1.75lb top is ideal for all barbel fi shing from touch legering and rolling meat to heavy feeder work and bolt rigging. With the 2.25lb top fi tted the rod is a more powerful animal capable of launching heavy feeders on big rivers, anchoring 6oz of lead in a winter fl ood and dealing with the biggest barbel. 

With double legged guides throughout for durability and a delightfully powerful through action combined with a steely lower middle to butt section this is the ultimate big fi sh rod and it is equally at home on the big pits as it is on the rivers. 

A powerful specialist rod to tame big river or fl oodwater barbel and capable of chucking heavily-loaded feeders to the far bank or anchoring leads to 8oz in extreme conditions or a heavy tidal push. 

The powerful blank has a stiff butt to middle section to deliver real power at the bottom end but with fl exibility at the very top to cushion leads and feeders in heavy water and to aid bite detection. 

Guides are double legged for durability and sized and spaced to prevent clogging with the weed and debris so often associated with extreme river conditions but the build is such you never forget you are using a modern, speciallydesigned specialist rod rather than a carp rod – although river carpers will fi nd it a very handy tool. 

Although designed for big river barbel it is equally at home on big pits and it is a very useful all round specialist rod to have in your armoury.
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