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Daiwa Hydrolastic

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Hydrolastic is the award winning revolutionary concept in pole elastic. It offers a multi phase performance delivering a wide scale of ratings within one set up which is perfect for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues.
MWHYLW  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Yellow 3-5
Our Price: £14.99
MWHPNK  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Pink 4-6
Our Price: £14.99
MWHORA  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Orange F1 4-8
Our Price: £14.99
MWHBLU  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Blue 5-8
Our Price: £14.99
MWHWHT  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic White 6-10
Our Price: £14.99
MWHGRY  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Grey 10-14
Our Price: £14.99
MWHBLK  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Black 12-16
Our Price: £14.99
MWHPUR  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Purple 14-18
Our Price: £14.99
MWHRED  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Red 16-20
Our Price: £14.99
MWHBRN  -  Daiwa Hydrolastic Brown 20+
Our Price: £14.99
0 0.00

Product Description

Hook a big fish and Hydrolastic will increase to a higher rating as it is loaded with more 'give' than standard heavy elastics. Unlike other types Hydrolastic has a hollow construction, which is filled with a secret high performance fluid and is a fully patented design.

 The elastic stretches first, then, when compressed, the internal walls close in and are held apart by the fluid. All colours are supplied in 3m lengths.

**For our Multiple Deals, please leave the colours/quanities in the NOTES section when you go to Checkout.

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