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Inline Dura Banjo Feeder

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PBFL20  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Large 20g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFL30  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Large 30g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFL45  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Large 45g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFMC20  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Micro 20g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFMC30  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Micro 30g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFMC45  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Micro 45g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFS20  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Small 20g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFS30  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Small 30g
Our Price: £2.75
PBFS45  -  Inline Dura Banjo Feeder - Small 45g
Our Price: £2.75
0 0.00

Product Description

As part of the ’Inter Change System’ the Dura Banjo Feeder allows the angler to alternate feeder sizes and weights without disassembling the entire rig. Two different stems are supplied as standard, use the standard one for short to medium casts and longer version when casting further as the increased tail length will stabilise the feeder in flight. The stem then remains on the line allowing the feeder to be changed quickly and easily via the centrally located groove.

The Dura Banjo and ‘Inter Change System’ also protect your rods when packed away, simply remove your feeder and wind in any slack line until the tail rubber rests against the tip ring of your rod. No more inline feeders damaging your rod blank in transit.

The Inter Change System’ is a new dimension in feeder fishing. A comprehensive collection of feeders, bombs and associated products that allows the angler to alternate feeder sizes and weights without disassembling the entire rig.

With solid Zinc Alloy construction and multiple configuration options the ICS range provides something for every feeder angler.


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